(Let’s go out into the world)

In recent years, many athletes have moved abroad in pursuit of their athletic dreams, regardless of age or skill level. BGA has many experiences of not only helping Japanese professional baseball players transition to the Major Leagues, but also assists athletes in a range of sports to reach their athletic dreams.

For athletes, moving overseas isn’t simply a “goal” but rather an “opportunity” in guiding their careers to a new stage. This opportunity doesn’t focus solely on one’s successes as an athlete, but encompasses other experiences and lessons that broaden an individuals horizons, making their journey about truly more than sports.

In addition to managing athletes directly, we promote and popularize sports on an international level. We recognize the power sports holds and utilize that influence to create relationships between corporations and the sports world. With the Olympics coming to Tokyo in 2020, we’re also planning events to promote the newly added Olympic sports such as skateboarding and surfing.

At BGA, the four pillars we focus on are Athlete Representation, Sponsorship Marketing, Event Planning and Study Abroad in establishing a global sports agency.